We’ve Moved to 1900 Bethel Road and have a new phone number: 614-654-5404

2014.12.04.2.KV.MaptoKVBethelWe are excited to announce our expansion to 1900 Bethel Road. We have nearly tripled our office suite size adding several amenities including a reception area, updated kitchenette and restrooms, two conference rooms seating 8 and 4, and additional offices to facilitate future growth.

Our new office is conveniently located at the midpoint of Riverside Drive (U.S. 33) and St. Rte 315 on Bethel Road making it easily accessible from either main highway on the northwest side of Columbus.  The attached parking lot has plenty of space and was just resurfaced and lined before our move.

Please see our contact page here for more information on reaching our new offices and we welcome our clients, colleagues, and friends to come and visit.

Plaintiff’s injury lawyers cringe…Robinson gets strengthened by the Supreme Court

A large part of my practice at Isaac Brant is defense litigation.  For example, Bob gets injured in a construction site accident and sues for his injuries.  Bob naturally goes to the doctor to get better.  Modern medicine is not perfect and its not magic either.  Humans cannot be rebuilt better, stronger, and faster than they were before.  In real life, Bob has been left with permanent injuries to his body and will suffer a lifetime of pain that can only be managed – not cured.

Ohio juries will hear how much the doctor took, not how much she charged.

If the people that Bob sued are found responsible for his injuries, it is only fair that they should pay his medical bills.  For his continued pain and suffering, our society has determined that money is supposed to make it all better.  For a very long time, a common outcome for legitimate injury cases was an award of the plaintiff’s medical bills multiplied by three.  Bob has $25,000 in medical bills, so a fair settlement or jury verdict could be $75,000 to account for his bills and his continued pain and suffering.

Now, enter BIG health insurance and our lovely health care system.  What a lot of people do not realize is that, when a doctor charges $1,000 for a medical procedure, she has a contract with the health insurance companies where she previously agreed to accept $500 for that procedure and call it “paid in full.”  In many real life scenarios, Bob would produce his medical bills at trial showing that his doctor charged $25,000 for his medical treatment where, in actuality, only $9,000 was paid.  So what’s fair?  Is it fair for the jury to hear that Bob has $25,000 in medical bills knowing that $14,000 was just written off?  Or is it fair for the jury to hear that $9,000 was the amount accepted as payment in full for Bob’s treatment? Continue reading

It’s Not Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog…

It’s Jerry Kaltenbach’s law blog.  I’m a native of Columbus, Ohio and practice with the law firm of Isaac, Brant, Ledman & Teetor, LLP.   I’m a business lawyer and civil litigator by both training and passion and I enjoy representing people, companies, and organizations in a wide field of matters.  I’ve handled cases both large and small representing big companies like Lowe’s and McDonald’s and the Mom & Pop businesses that have that great idea and just need to know how to get started.  Check out the “About” page above for more information.

Law is a fickle thing and navigating through the minutiae of “fine print” we come across in our lives can seem daunting and leave you feeling confused, irritated, and ready to pen the next great lawyer joke (I have a couple books full of them).

I’m going to discuss legal topics in this blog, share some of my own stories, and maybe even write some posts that have nothing to do with the law – and isn’t that refreshing?  Join me, feel free to ask questions and thanks for visiting.

Posted by Jerry